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Practically the first question people ask about WHITE MOUNTAIN PUZZLES INC is: “Where are your puzzles made?” The answer is: in the U.S.A.!  

The second question is: “Do you make your puzzles in New Hampshire?” The answer is: Our puzzles are manufactured in New England and the Midwest, then shipped to our warehouse in Conway, N.H. Our warehouse Manager Bruce and his assistant Paul do a great job of shipping orders on time. Twenty minutes up the road from Conway is our office in Jackson Village, N.H. 

This is where – if you call 800-548-8009 – you might talk with Jill , Alicia , Patsy , Melinda , Lisa or the manager Kimberly .

We have a wonderful staff. Not only that, our office is located in one of the nicest villages in America.

Jackson is in the heart of the White Mountains. Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast, is 15 minutes up the road. You enter Jackson through a covered bridge. Vacationers have been staying here at inns like Wentworth Hall and The Eagle Mountain House since shortly after the Civil War. These historic establishments and others like Christmas Farm Inn give the village a cozy feeling.

Jackson is the perfect setting for a unique business like WHITE MOUNTAIN PUZZLES INC. Why? Because Jackson is nostalgic … just like jigsaw puzzles. Millions of people still love doing puzzles, and we love making them!


Jackson is also where we dream up new puzzle ideas. About half our puzzles are licensed from popular artists like: HOWARD ROBINSON, ROYCE MCCLURE, FRED SWAN, JIM KILLEN, MORT KUNSTLER, and DIANE PHALEN.

The rest are tailor-made for us by talented artists like ERNEST O. BROWN, JAMES MELLETT, and RANDY GREEN. This trio has created some of our best-known puzzles: AMERICAN LIGHTHOUSES, BIRDS OF THE BACK YARD, and WORLD OF DOGS, (Brown), TELEVISION, HOLLYWOOD, and ROCK N ROLL (Mellett), and U.S. PRESIDENTS, THE CIVIL WAR, and THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (Green).

White Mountain Puzzles is ahead of the pack when it comes to puzzles with educational content. Why not learn something while doing a puzzle? If you love to travel, why not put together an entertaining birds eye view of KEY WEST, MARTHA’S VINEYARD, BOSTON or NEW ENGLAND? Or work on a puzzle of states like MICHIGAN, ILLINOIS, OHIO, VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA or GEORGIA? Or learn something about PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY or THE CIVIL WAR? These challenging projects take artists like DAVID HARRISON WRIGHT, DEB MARCONI, GARY TORISSI, and MAUREEN RUPPRECHT months to create.

Some people are addicted to our educational puzzles, while others prefer beautiful landscapes by artists like FRED SWAN, entertaining pet puzzles by HOWARD ROBINSON, or colorful designs by New Zealand artist ROYCE MCCLURE.

There are hundreds of topics that we haven’t tackled yet. We love getting suggestions from our customers


Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, White Mountain Puzzles was started in 1978 by owners CRONAN MINTON and TED WROBLEWSKI.

Necessity was the mother of invention. Cronan and Ted needed to support their growing families. Freelance writing (Cronan) and running a country inn (Ted) were unreliable sources of income.

At first, the partners created illustrated posters of resort areas like CAPE COD, CARMEL, SEDONA, KILLINGTON, ASPEN, and VAIL. Traveling up and down the country, they sold advertising on entertaining “birds eye view” posters to restaurants, inns, and gift shops. Their first company, named MINTOWSKI PUBLICATIONS, was eventually renamed WHITE MOUNTAIN GRAPHICS, which flourished through the 1980s.

Customers often commented that their artwork – colorful, full of information, and geographically complex – would make great jigsaw puzzles. In 1988, needing new product ideas, they added puzzles to their line. Almost overnight, their puzzles STOLE THE SHOW.

By 1990, Cronan and Ted had renamed their company WHITE MOUNTAIN PUZZLES. They bought an office building, which included the Jackson, N.H. post office. The company is still headquartered here today.

While resort puzzles still play an important role in their business, Cronan and Ted now sell over a million puzzles a year. Not bad for two entrepreneurs who moved their families to the White Mountains because they loved to ski.

Now, Cronan and Ted have a whole warehouse filled with puzzles for their grandchildren to enjoy.



Jackson Falls Marketplace
PO Box 818
Jackson, N.H. 03846


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